Armour, Cloaks, and Casual Wear

(This is the Day 8 entry for theĀ 30 day world building challenge.)

Fashion in the fourth (municipality), is chaotic, anachronistic, and almost never practical. A lad of the ultra-violence persuasion has a range of close combat armour to choose from, fashioned from leather, iron, gold, ebony, steel, emerald, sandsteel, sunstone, paper, wood, kapur bark, and, well, practically anything that would resist a solid whack from a sawn-off claymore. The transcendant, the magikal and the soul-less, prefer lighter clothing, typically cloaks, bedsheets, or armour made from less dense materials, such as moonstone. This clothing is typically resonant with the wearer, amplifying whatever godless gift they have. And finally, the ultra-passive citizens of the fourth usually don’t wear armour, but prefer to wear whatever is the current style, from formal suits, shirts with white paints, gangster costumes, renaissance-era garb, whatever takes their fancy really. Head-wear or masks are often worn, from richly decorated feathered hats down to simple accessories, such as the +1 culture monocle.