Races and Culture in the fourth municipality of Oed

(This is the Day 7 entry for the 30 day world building challenge.)

The fourth municipality of Oed is home to a number of human and human-sized creatures. Categorising these creatures into “race” by tracing evolutionary trees is impossible, as the old rogue magiks have distorted even these lineages. Many creatures exist which have no “biological” ancestors, spawning from the echo of an idea of a mad sorceror of a time long gone. Despite this, groups of similar beings gather into cliques, some of which have names, and others which don’t. Some groups of note are:

  • Human: the ancestral line to most, if not all of Oed’s intelligent life.
  • Towerman: the guardians and watchers of Crowhase, the birthplace of The Crow.
  • The Fierce: A line of man-beast hybrids, with a rich monarchy and tradition.
  • Mosa of the Underground: A race of bipedal golem-like creatures, aggressive towards any race of soft skin.
  • Cerulean: A small shaman-led clan, whom worship the Cerulean Daedra.
  • Barbarian: Small barbaric groups exist all over the fourth municipality, and are unmatched in melee combat amongst similar-size humanoids.
  • Ember: These creatures have only ever been seen at night. It is postulated that they transcend to another world during the day. The Ember are passive, however communication with them is nigh impossible.
Smaller groups, consisting of just one, two, or maybe three individuals can also be found roaming the municipality. The Owl may decide to stop you and talk about clocks. A’leek can be found dancing across rooftops, muttering incomprehensibly. The Patriache is best avoided. Bluenommer awkwardly arrives when uninvited. Oed is a dangerous place, most other individuals can be considered extremely dangerous, so avoid them at all cost. Lastly we have, Lunem Man, a mythical creature written about several times throughout history. It is said he fell from the moon, although their are competing accounts as to whether he was extremely dangerous or just apathetic.