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Hello World

My name is Ben Porter. I write code and make games.

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Some of my projects are presented below and a list is here.


Windows macOS Linux C++ OpenGL SFML

There’s an inviting strangeness to it…

PC Gamer

A procedurally-generated adventure game with wild forests, giant mountains and ancient ruins. The custom engine features destructible terrain, randomised worlds, path-finding AI, fluid simulation, and much more. Funded in part by Film Victoria and Kickstarter. [Steam]


Windows C++ Lua Qt OpenGL

A procedural modelling system for rapid exploration of organic 3D forms. Built using Qt and supports interactive scripting via Lua. [Site, Technical Paper, Example Video]

Hello Vulkan

C++ Vulkan

An example application that initialises and displays a 3D model using the Vulkan API. The code is heavily based on this Vulkan tutorial. The lighthouse model is courtesy of Sam Cotman. [Github]

No Mario’s Sky

Windows Unity

Mario meets No Man’s Sky in this fiendishly fun fan-made game.

Wired UK

A procedurally-generated exploration game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare. It had over 200,000 downloads and was featured in several games sites, but was taken down by a Nintendo DMCA request. You can still download a modified version which we titled DMCA’s Sky. [Download]

Generative Modelling


During my PhD I developed software for procedurally generating complex 3D forms. By simulating biological and physical processes I was able to grow organic 3D meshes within a virtual environment. [Read More, Computer & Graphics Article]

Shade Dogs

iOS Objective C Cocos2D

A colourful puzzler for iOS developed in collaboration with Jakob Haglof. One interesting feature of this project is that the levels were constructed within After Effects and exported using a custom pipeline I built. [Trailer]

Pixel Dailies

Pixel Art

In 2014 I founded Pixel Dailies, a community of pixel artists that has now grown to have over 50,000 followers and hundreds of daily contributions. My personal pixel art has also been featured in Edge Magazine’s “The Art of The Pixel”. [Pixel Dailies]


PhD Computer Science

I have a PhD in Computer Science from Monash University. My research produced a novel method for generating complex organic 3D meshes. I was awarded the Mollie Holman medal for my dissertation. [Read More, Academic Publications]

I have a Bachelor of Computer Science from Monash University. I received highest honours and was awarded for writing the best thesis. [Honours Thesis]

I have completed summer internships at CSIRO and NICTA.

A resume is available by request.


C++ Game Development Procedural Generation

I have 15 years experience in software development. I’m particularly enthusiastic about C++ and follow the latest developments. I love experimenting with different technologies and have developed software in Python, Java, Typescript and Lua, amongst others.

My primary interest is in game development. Developing MoonQuest from scratch has given me extensive experience with engine architecture and a broad range of game systems. I have built numerous smaller games, engines and experiments. I also have some familiarity with modern engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

My secondary interest is in procedural generation, which has been a reoccurring theme in my PhD research, my postdoctoral research and my games. More broadly, I’m excited about the application of computational creativity to computer games.

A resume is available by request.