Fungi in Oed

(This is the Day 5 entry for the 30 day world building challenge.)

This book is a reference for the study of fungi, Mycology. It covers numerous topics in depth, including: taxonomies, practical acquisition of fungi, toxicological information, as well as several recipes for delicious mushroom stew. If you are new to the study of Oed’s most colourful and delightful organisms, then you are in for a treat. Mycology is a rewarding and fulfilling branch of science, nay, the most rewarding and fulfilling. A practicing mycologist can be expected to venture deep into the earth to collect specimens of the rarest mushrooms, thwarting attempts on his life by wild animals, beasts and bats. The hallucinogenic properties of some fungi means that mycologists are often The Life Of The Party, and typically have a wide circle of acquaintances. It isn’t all fun and games, though, a mycologist must devote his entire life to the serious study of fungi in all its forms — fungi is essential for medicine, food, and magiks (and Ale of course!) and only by advancing the state of the art can the people of Oed evolve. — Preface to “The Mycologist’s Index”.