Analysis of the Elements

(This is the Day 4 entry for the 30 day world building challenge.)

Excerpt from Page 17 of the St. P. Alc. Eyebook…

The creators of this world were truly the greatest of combinatorists. There are a finite number of elements, each of which has a relationship with the others. The Table above illustrates these relationships, the elements, except Air, lie in the top row, and their reactive friends lie below.¬†These elements are: The Air [1] which breathes life into all of God’s creations, and is inert towards all the other elements; The Moonstone [2] which warms and lights our way at night. Remarkably, when Moonstone and Sunstone are within a small distance of each other, a low hum can be heard. Luckily, there isn’t enough Moonstone in our world for there to be an eternal hum; Third, we have Phosphor [3], a common reagent in many topes and remedies; Fourth is Gold [4], the bearer of the divine glow, the possession of which has resulted in many wars, including the longest, the Many Wars; Platinum, or Crowmium [5], can be molten in a Sunstone hearth, and formed into impenetrable armours and structural materials; Sunstone [6], or God’s Heart, the maker of ¬†fire. Sunstone is used to break down the elements and recombine them. It is also added to many processes in order to strengthen materials and add heat. For instance, HM’s throne contains a small amount of Sunstone in which to keep HM at a constant temperature.