Yet another website

Yep, it’s time again for a new website design. It’s only been two months since I wrote about how I migrated my site from a static content generator written by someone else to one I wrote myself incorporating some cool things. Statically generating the site turned out to need more effort than I was willing to put in, due to the edit/compile/install cycle. The other thing that bothered me was that my blog was running on a separate website, and although I had map to it, I still couldn’t integrate it into my main site.

I considered three different systems when looking at building my new site: wordpress, drupal, and django. WordPress is a simple blogging software with some basic cms features. Drupal is a fully fledged cms that is actually quite nice to use. Django is a toolkit for building websites. Long story short, due to my laziness I went with wordpress, as it required minimal effort.

I originally wanted to organise the different things on my website (e.g., software, paper, code, drawings) properly (and wp3 does support this), but I went for the simple option in which everything is a wp post, and categories are used to distinguish between blog, game, and project related types. Once I changed my intended website model into one that was wordpress compatible, things got a lot easier.

As for Drupal and Django, both are great systems, just not the simplest option for a single user blog/cms. I had a lot of fun building a prototype blog with it, and I plan on using Django for a website in the future.

Hopefully this current set-up will last me more than two months. :)