First journal paper

My first journal paper has now finally been published. It is titled Developmental modelling with SDS and was published in Computers & Graphics in a special issue on procedural modelling. You can download a preprint of the paper in the papers section of my site. I started writing the paper in November last year, so it’s great to finally have it published. It was an interesting process, getting the paper reviewed, receiving the comments, addressing all the comments and modifying the paper accordingly (which also meant doing more experiments!), submitting the changes, getting it accepted, receiving the proofs from the editor, confirming the changes and doing some last minute edits, submitting the proof, waiting, waiting, getting a preview of the online version, and finally, today, receiving a nice final copy of the article … gah! There is a lot of work involved from all parties, and I didn’t even mention having to produce and format high quality images! Bazinga. Is the tedium of publishing in a journal worth it? At the moment I’m not sure.