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I’m Sick Today

Here’s a short game I made when I was sick. You have to infect everyone with your ickyness.


Spread the germ-love..

Spread the germ-love..


Here’s a new game I made for the cyberpunk game jam over at itch.io. I made it over 5 days with Ben Weatherall doing the cyber-art and Tim Shiel cranking the cyber-music. It’s about hacking robots while plummeting to your doom, and it requires fast typing and hacking skills. Play it now. You can also listen to the official sound track over here.


Shade Dogs

Hi there, you blog-reader you. I’ve finished a new game! The game is called Shade Dogs and is available now for iPad, iPhone, and iPod in the AppStore. To get it you can search in the AppStore for “Shade Dogs”, or just click this link. The game is a mix of physics puzzler and mini-games, with awesome colourful illustrations by Jakob Haglof.

Check out the trailer and images below, and don’t forget to join the facebook page to get updates about the game. We plan a series of content updates and are looking forward to getting suggestions from people about what they’d like to see added to the game.

Also keep an eye (or eye-stalk) out in the near future for an article I’m writing covering my experience with making my first game for iOS, how I collaborated on the game with someone I’ve never met IRL, and what it’s like to be an independent game developer.

Get Shade Dogs for iOS!





Donner, Dasher & Dynamite

I made a new game in 2 days for this xmas advent calendar on tigsource. It’s about exploding reindeer. Click here to play it now in your browser. If you make any cool custom levels, then I’d be stoked to see it, so leave a comment here with the URL.

Enjoy the holiday season!

Eye Quest

One of the most popular game development competitions, Ludum Dare, was run over the weekend. This Ludum Dare (#23) marked the 10th year of the comp, and it was a big one, with over 1400 entries! (That’s 1400 working games!) The competition is split into (a) a solo event that runs for 48 hours, and (b) a more casual 72 hour “game jam”, in which the rules are more relaxed and you can work in a team. The theme for LD23 was Tiny World.

Read more about our entry, Eye Quest, after the jump…


Moonman’s Xmas!

Here’s a short game I’ve made, just in time for xmas! I made it for the tigsource advent calendar (tumblr, discussion). It’s a mini version of moonman — a game I’ve been working on for a while. The game is available for windows and mac and should work on both. If it doesn’t, well, hopefully your xmas isn’t totally ruined …

Windows Download

Mac Download

Thanks to Rhys, James and Jono for helping me with testing and building, and Theo and the TIG guys for coming up with the idea of an advent calendar gamedev event. You should really check out all the other awesome xmas games available at http://tigsadvent.tumblr.com/.



Moonman is a game about exploring, building, and surviving in a strange land. It is currently in development by Ben Porter, with music composed by Gio Lobato, and will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux in mid 2013.

Moonman is a platform game featuring a procedurally-generated world with a rich ecosystem and a plethora of creatures, elements, items, weapons, and machines. It is heavily inspired by games such as Knytt StoriesTerrariaNethackThe Incredible MachineMinecraft, andDwarf Fortress.

More details can be found on the moonman website.





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