Hi, I’m Ben and I make games. I’m @eigenbom on twitter and have a blog. I’ve also written academically about generative geometry. Here are some of my projects:


moonman       ---- pc     procedural survival platformer
i'm sick      2014 web    short puzzle game
crash         2014 web    steal coin$ - hack robot$ - cra$h
shade dogs    2013 ios    canine physics shadow puzzler
ddd           2012 web    donner dasher dynamite puzzle/action
eye quest     2012 pc     you are eye, return gaia's essence
more games
xbrzpxl.exe   2014 pc     paint program
fugu          2012 pc/mac make procedural forms with Lua
ascii-paint   2011 pc     ascii animation program
sds           2010        phd research / organic 3D geometry 
jsfxr         2008 web    make 8-bit sound effects 
more software