Hi, I'm Ben                  I make games. I'm currently working on
moonman         2016  pc     a procedurally-generated adventure game
@eigenbom                    I tweet about gamedev and life
@Pixel_Dailies               A twitter-based pixel art group
galaxy          2017  web    a planet generator
star wars       2017  web    infinite star wars intro
fantasy consoles2017  web    fantasy console generator
#NotGDC         2017  text   a collection of short gamedev articles
procgen article 2017  text   dynamic vs static procgen
field:white:one 2016  web    3 emoji map editors
ecs w decorators2016  code   ECS using Python decorators 
if              2016  web    infinite firefighter, a tiny roguelike
how roguelike   2016  web    determine your rogue-like rating
DMCA's sky      2016  all    because we got DMCA'ed by Nintendo
no mario's sky  2016  all    infinite procedural space mario
spiral & drain  2016  web    ulam spiral
gamenamegen     2016  web    game name generator
adverbly verbed 2016  web    idea generator
10000 pets      2016  web    pixel twitter-pet generator
chargen         2016  web    character generator
pirates         2015  web    pirate face generator
wyrm            2015  web    wyrm
365 days        2015  art    365 consecutive days of pixel art
somnipsychium   2015  web    a game for #clonejamcactus
i'm sick        2014  web    infect everyone
crash           2014  web    steal coin$ - hack robot$ - cra$h
xbrzpxl.exe     2014  pc     curvy paint program
shade dogs      2013  ios    canine physics shadow puzzler
fugu            2012  all    make procedural forms with Lua
ddd             2012  web    donner, dasher, dynamite
eye quest       2012  pc     you are an eye on a quest
ascii-paint     2011  pc     ascii animation program
sds             2010  text   phd research / organic 3D geometry 
jsfxr           2008  web    make 8-bit sound effects 
older games    
older projects      
archived blog                games, art, random
academic papers              generative geometry research