Fugu now available (Windows only atm…)

Well it’s getting close to the xmas holidays and I’m starting to wrap some things up for the year. One of these is Fugu (introduced here) my software for creating procedural geometry. I’m glad to announce that an alpha of the windows version of fugu is now available. (I hope to get an osx packaged very soon!)

You can download it from the fugu website: Minimum requirements: A 3D graphics card with OpenGL 2 drivers, and, errr … about half a gig of RAM, I guess? :)

I would greatly appreciate any feedback and bug reports you have. You can leave this on the google group linked to from the fugu website, or comment on this post. I’ve only tried it on Windows 7, so I’m interested to hear if it runs okay on Vista and XP. Also, I’ve got a feeling that it’s not as easy to use as it could be, so if you have any trouble, please let me know what with, so I can improve the design.

It still needs quite a bit of documentation and some decent tutorials, but there are quite a few examples which should give you an overview of fugu’s features.

Enjoy! And happy holidays!