fugu update

My work on fugu is progressing on multiple fronts. This post outlines a few of the new features in the software.

Some recent additions to the software are:

  • Script variables can be bound to interactive sliders, allowing easy manipulation of model parameters (see the last image)
  • Syntax highlighting now works for most fugu functions
  • Cleaned up the UI quite a bit, most panels/toolbars can be hidden, and the console is hideable/dockable
  • Fugu can go full screen. Use this to show off your masterpieces without any gui nonsense obscuring your design … :)
  • Added a bunch of helpful utility functions (using underscore)
  • The background horizon and sky colours can be changed
  • And, I made a proper application icon!
I have also cleaned up all the examples and they now can be loaded from the File menu. There’s still quite a few examples I want to add before release that really highlight what fugu was built for. There’s a few problems to fix (stdout redirect on osx) and some standard app features to add (e.g., fugu should remember what background colour you chose last time), but these shouldn’t be too tricky to work out.