I’ve been busy since I got back from Europe: diving back into my research, attending semi-permanent, and doing some life drawing every week.

My research is going well, heavily refactoring my code so I can implement some much needed algorithms. Hopefully I’ll have some results up here soon — it’s been a while since I’ve had to make any pretty pictures. I’ll be presenting some of my work at ACAL ’09 in Melbourne in December and I’d really like to have something new to show … but we’ll see.

Semi-Permanent is a graphics/illustration/3d conference, which was held (for the first time?) in Melbourne. It was awesome seeing illustrators/artists like Tara McPherson and Jeff Soto talking about the genesis of their careers and showing the evolution of their work. It’s quite inspiring to see that just be doing what you love you can “end up” happy and successful. But, I guess this applies only to a only a few talented individuals. Alex Yaeger, from Industrial Light and Magic, was also very interesting, showing us his work on various movies such as Transformers and Star Trek.

Steph and I have been attending a life-drawing session in St Kilda every week. It’s quite interesting and I love setting aside the time just to do some drawing. I just use those black ArtLine pens, there’s something quite satisfying about a black line on paper. :) Below is one of my favourite drawings so far.