ascii animator in the news..

Ascii Animator was mentioned in Game Developer magazine, now that’s exciting! I was mentioned (I’m eigenbom btw), complete with a printing of my ascii mech (top-left) and the some creations by other TIGforums dudes. The article just appeared out of the blue, and was spotted (and photographed) by UberSprode from TIGforums.

In other ascii animator news, the program now comes bundled with libtcod, which includes some basic support for loading and saving ascii animator files. This basically means that rogue-like developers can easily create ascii-based “graphics” for their games (as much of a paradox as that may seem).

Development of ascii animator has ceased at the moment as I am now working full steam ahead on my game (details coming soon) — but the program is very usable in its current state and has no major bugs that I’m aware of.