what’s the plan, jan?

After four years of paradise-hell, my PhD candidature is coming to an end. My thesis submission deadline is March 25th, less than 3 weeks from now. At which point, I’ll hand into the MRGS office four copies of my ~150 page document, describing how to generate funny looking blobs (see below) by simulating physical and biological processes. A single tetrahedron-shaped tear may emerge from my eye.

A form generated from my software

After this my plan is to take 2-3 weeks holiday — not much of a break considering I’ve been working my arse off for four years, for below minimum wage. Nonetheless, it’ll be a holiday I desperately need. When I get back, work must go on, as a part-time RA for my PhD supervisor¬† Jon, doing cool stuff with procedural real-time graphics. Hopefully, we’ll be able to develop some cool libraries for fast real-time generative graphics, for installations, artists, experimenters, and game developers (:) ?).

In the other part of my time (on the payroll of life) I hope to create some awesome games for everyone to play. I’ll develop something for Android or the iPhone, and also play around with html5 gaming, in more detail than my previous experiment. I’ve got an awesome idea that could use the real-time generative graphics software I will be working on as an RA. I also hope to take a more active role in the rapidly expanding independent game developers community, both online and in locally in Melbourne, and wish to attend the IGF or GDC next year.

After a cloudy year writing my thesis, I’m starting to get really excited about the next couple of years of hacking.

PS. Oh yeah, I have also updated my blog theme (for the 5th time?), to the awesome Wu Wei theme by Jeff Ngan.