Old Games

Some old or unfinished games I built, pre 2010.

A list of some of my older games, these may or may not work anymore. :)


An asteroids clone I wrote as my first ever decent applet. Play in a new window.


An experiment with 3d flash, click to place a building or road, and use the arrow keys to rotate/zoom. Open in a new window. (requires flash)

Eden Platformer

An unfinished (but working) platform game experiment. The level consists of blocks that grow according to simple growth rules. Your goal is to reach the top of the level without falling to the ground. Also, blocks disappear as they age. This really is just a failed experiment in applying a simple growth process within a classic game genre.

The code requires Python and Pygame to run.


An unfinished entry in an old competition. You can jump around and kick the zombies, but you can’t do much else. I removed the source from this site as it has some old dependencies.