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My first iPhone/iPad app is Appacus, a simple abacus. I developed it to learn the full iOS development pipeline, from code to AppStore. It is available on the AppStore (link).

It’s a very awesome abacus application that features:

  • Counting up to 40!
  • Life-like plastic beads!
  • Advanced bead physics!
  • Click sounds!
As lame as this app is, the production of it took me through the entire development and publication of an iOS app. I’m charging the minimum amount because I wanted to investigate the full production pipeline – including setting up my banking and accessing the sales data. The whole process¬†was surprisingly easy – the only hiccup was that I had to register for GST (an Australian VAT). But anyway … enjoy your counting! And be on the look out for some truly awesomer apps from me in the future.