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My first iPhone/iPad app is Appacus, a simple abacus. I developed it to learn the full iOS development pipeline, from code to AppStore. It is available on the AppStore (link).

It’s a very awesome abacus application that features:

  • Counting up to 40!
  • Life-like plastic beads!
  • Advanced bead physics!
  • Click sounds!
As lame as this app is, the production of it took me through the entire development and publication of an iOS app. I’m charging the minimum amount because I wanted to investigate the full production pipeline – including setting up my banking and accessing the sales data. The whole process¬†was surprisingly easy – the only hiccup was that I had to register for GST (an Australian VAT). But anyway … enjoy your counting! And be on the look out for some truly awesomer apps from me in the future.

2 replies on “Appacus”

Hi Aleisha, thanks for that info. I’ve sent you an email about this. But just in case you don’t get it, I’ll post it here too…

Hi Aleisha,

I’m sorry that Appacus did not work properly for you, but thanks a lot for letting me know.

Could you please do me a favour and send me some details so I can investigate the problem? Specifically:
– What kind of device you tried running it on (iphone3, 4, 4s, ipad1, 2, 3, ipod?)
– The operating system version (in your iphone go to Settings -> General -> About -> Version)

That info would be very helpful in fixing the problem. And sorry again for the inconvenience.


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