Pixel Dailies



Pixel Dailies is a pixel art group I started on twitter in mid 2014. Based on the successful art group Sketch Dailies, Pixel Dailies (PD) is a place for people to practise their pixel art by doing pixel art every day. Under such huge time constraints, you can’t afford to endlessly iterate on a piece, rather you just have to get it done and move on to the next day. Personally I’ve found my pixel art skills to improve significantly, and PD has allowed me to meet other pixel artist enthusiasts from around the world. The contributors to PD vary hugely in ability but we’re a friendly and supportive bunch. The themes are different every day and we try to cover all the interesting keywords. Some past examples have been #animal,  #rocky#leather, #pirate, #dungeon_monster, #timemachine, and #steampunk.

Rules We’ve got a few simple rules to keep the group fun and focussed. We only accept art that’s done specifically for Pixel Dailies, within a few days of the theme being announced. There are a number of existing communities  (PixelJoint, DeviantArt, pixiv, tumblr) that are more suited for a general portfolio or pixel art discussion. We also only accept pixel art as defined here. So, for example, art that has been post-processed with a filter or processed with software is out of the question, though there are occasional exceptions.

If you’re interested in joining in, then make a twitter account and follow Pixel Dailies. Then, when a theme is tweeted, simply upload your artwork with the tags “@Pixel_Dailies” and “#pixel_dailies” and the theme. You can also just search #pixel_dailies on twitter to get a huge collection of previous artwork. Here is a small selection of some of the better pieces submitted to the group.