Procedural geometry with Lua.

Fugu is a procedural modelling system for 3D graphics. It supports the generation, manipulation and animation of 3D form using scripts written in the Lua programming language. Fugu contains a code editor with all the usual bells and whistles, and a 3D view in which to visualise your design. Fugu's purpose is to support rapid exploration of code-based procedural graphics. It is currently in perpetual alpha, but works well, so check it out.


Current features:

  • Fully integrated environment with code pane, 3D view and error console
  • A suite of mesh primitives, mesh operations, and functions
  • OBJ exporter
  • Fully hideable UI for presentations
  • User-defined sliders for parametric control
  • View a mesh in real-time subdivided and smoothed
  • and more...
Planned features:
  • Support for custom GLSL shaders
  • Support for custom exporters
  • Multi-threading and other optimisations
  • More mesh operations
  • Faster subdivision (GPU-based)
  • and more...


Fugu was conceived and developed by Ben Porter, James Wetter and Jon McCormack, in association with CEMA and Monash University. This project was supported by funding from an Australian Research Council Discovery Projects grant #DP1094064.

Fugu depends on a number of open-source libraries and wouldn't exist without them. These include:

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