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procedural form creation with fugu

Fugu is a system for generating procedural animated forms using the Lua scripting language. While it is not complete, a quite functional version of fugu is available from



Well, it’s all over. I’ve finally graduated from Monash University with a PhD in computer science. Now … what’s next? :)

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Moonman is a game about exploring, building, and surviving in a strange land. It is currently in development by Ben Porter, with music composed by Gio Lobato, and will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux in mid 2013.

Moonman is a platform game featuring a procedurally-generated world with a rich ecosystem and a plethora of creatures, elements, items, weapons, and machines. It is heavily inspired by games such as Knytt StoriesTerrariaNethackThe Incredible MachineMinecraft, andDwarf Fortress.

More details can be found on the moonman website.