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A simple 8-bit blip, laser, coin and explosion synth, heavily based on Dr Petter's awesome sfxr. It uses Beads for sound synthesis and Processing (with controlP5) for the interface.

The best way to start is to click one of the preset buttons (under the word "PRESETS"). Then start varying the parameters to get a feel for what they do. mutate and random provide alternative methods for exploring the sound space. Check out sfxr and Dr Petter's site for a description of the parameters and some theory, etc. Have fun, and be sure to check out the Beads project - BP 040409.

Source code: Jsfxr

Problems? If it doesn't seem to work - try reloading the page. If that doesn't work, you can download the Jsfxr processing application and run it directly from Processing. A recent copy of beads.jar is included, which you'll have to drop into libraries\Beads\library in your Processing sketches folder. (You'll also need controlP5.)