DDD Level Editor

You can make and share a custom level for Donner, Dasher, and .. Dynamite? by editting the level template and pressing the button. This will open a new window with a custom URL which you can use to share your level around the xmas interwebs. The rules for the level structure are specified below.

Level Editor

Level Format

The first line contains a number between 0 and 4 (inclusive) that determines the speed (0 is the fastest). This must be followed by a comma. The next 15 lines contain 15 characters each that describe the level layout. The characters you can use in the description are:

Note: You must place the reindeer in successive order. For instance, to use 3 reindeer, you would place a '0' (santa), a '1', a '2', and a '3' next to each other, then add a '@' next to the 3.

Note: After '9' the next reindeer is 'A', then 'B', and so on.

Note: Each level line must contain exactly 15 characters and no spaces.