Shade Dogs (Out Now!)

Bombajam's latest iOS game, Shade Dogs, is out now! Watch the trailer, and then grab it from the AppStore! These cute canines have spent too long in the sun, and now it's time to get some shade. Move objects and interact with characters to help the dogs in this fun new puzzle game, suitable for young pups and old dogs!

"A casual puzzle game with oodles of charm. " Jennifer Allen, 148Apps
"I love the way everything looks. Everything is so cute and colorful. It is super fun because it's fun." Hayden (7 years old), Gamercide
"What makes Shade Dogs so interesting is its variety of puzzles and vibrant graphics. Once you complete the first few levels where you simply drag an object to block the sunlight, it all goes off-track from there. " Daven Gomes, iFanzine
"This is a fun puzzle game with memorable characters and great sounds. All ages will enjoy. " timuyasha, from an AppStore review

  • Help the dogs stay cool in the shade!
  • Meet a bunch of cute dogs, people, animals, robots and other strange characters!
  • Visit colourful, animated locations such as The Beach, The Future, Dream Land, and The Moon!
  • Solve more than 20 fun puzzles!
  • Play with physics!
  • Check out the unique shade system!
  • Complete all the levels to unlock Moon Wizard!
  • Kick-back on the beach and listen to the chillaxing music!
  • Fun for the pups and old dogs!
  • Look out for The Pug, along with new locations, characters, and puzzles in future updates!

About Bombajam

Bombajam was founded in 2012 by two someones who live on opposite sides of the world. Jakob Haglof draws pictures from New York City while Ben Porter writes code from Melbourne, Australia. Bombajam aims to produce some tasty iOS games that are low in calories while high in funzymes.

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